10th May - 12th May 2024

Money Maker Summit.

Master Money: Know more, make more, give more.  Earn your way to success & unlock the secrets to a wealthier life.

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Achieve Financial Freedom.

Master the money making strategies to create HUGE income easily, online, working from home or ANYWHERE in the world.

Make Money

Master Money: Know more, make more and give more.

Increase Value

Raise your prices & profits.

Money Magnet

Change the way that money is moving your way.

Grow Wealth

Without the guilt or at the expense of others.

Proven Strategies

How to implement them right away, and benefit.

Financial Security

Become financially free whilst still working your job.

Work Anywhere

Build a laptop lifestyle over a 12 month period, for you.

Replace Your Job

Best business models for recurring income in 2024.

Meet the trainers.


10th May - 12th May 2024

Join the multi-millionaire entrepreneurial experts who walk the walk and will reveal what’s making them the most money right now, in today's market.

Paul O'Mahony

Entrepreneur, Author, Sunday Independent Columnist, Trainer and Lecturer. Paul specialises in Digital Marketing, Mindset and Wealth Management.

Rob Moore

Co-Founder of Progressive Success & Progressive Property. Entrepreneur, Serial Podcaster & International Speaker. The Disruptive Entrepreneur.

Kane Baron

The host of the #1 podcast “The Podcaster’s Podcast”. Industry Keynote Speaker and runs the UK’s largest podcast agency “Progressive Media”.

Ryan Pinnick

One of the UK’s most in demand speakers presenting on how consciousness and creativity lead to Genius.

Toni Gargan

Toni is a professional property investor and public speaker. As a result of creating passive income through property and networking with others.

Matt Fiddes

Founder & CEO of one of the biggest martial arts brands in the UK, Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. Starting in 1997 with nothing but £100.


10th May - 12th May 2024

Change Your Money Mindset.

Make money even when starting from ZERO and create the freedom to use it in the way that you want. 

Learn what money "really is" and tackle your beliefs and hang ups around it. This is the ULTIMATE money event in the UK. Make money, seize opportunities, change your relationship with money, become successful, use your money the way you want AND help others.


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Become Fearless Of Financial Independence


Progressive Property, Unit 10, Forder Way, Hampton, Peterborough, PE7 8GX

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Great Pleasure
"It was a great pleasure attending this event. I got the change to learn a lot new stuff such as increasing your self esteem and being able to get past doubts I have had about myself. this was a great experience and I would love to attend more events like these as it really helped me in many different ways. thanks to Rob Moore and his colleagues for the experience."

Hanane Addou
"I would like the flexibility they have in help the other and understanding people situations and their feelings. A very good and positive team who create a nice environment around you who help you to take action. Thank you for opportunity of all the courses the team make it possible for everybody."

Camelia Brinzei
Highly Recommended!
"Rob Moore and team are the real deal; over delivering in value, content, quality and wisdom. I've great respect for Rob, using his platforms for humanity's good, his messages reflecting a consciousness needed in today's world and his great humour. Having studied with them for a while, I've found every session to be brilliant. Highly recommended!"

Nyali Muir
Supports Me
"I am very grateful that I found a company that supports me at every step, that is guiding and helping me grow. I highly recommend it, If you would like to be educated by people that they did it by themselves and show you how to scale up without doing the mistakes they did. I truly believe that having the right guidance I can achieve my goals faster!"

Ilioara Ormenisan
"I went to this event in Peterborough this weekend and it was incredible! Rob, Jessen and Matt made a fantastic team and the energy and inspiration was way beyond what I had hoped for. The team did a great job of organising and looking after everyone and I can't wait to start the EBS."

Level of Expertise
"I’ve attended a number of seminars run by Rob Moore and the team at Progressive. Their level of expertise across all areas relating to property, money/wealth, and mindset is second to none, and they’re also a lovely, friendly bunch of people! They have a ton of exceptional courses for all ability/experience I thoroughly recommend them!"



Do I need to already be an entrepreneur/business owner to attend this event?

No, anyone and everyone can attend the Money Maker Summit. Regardless of whether you work in a full time job, part time job, are a freelancer, are a shift worker or already are an entrepreneur/business owner, this event is for everyone.

Does the event cost anything?

No, the Money Maker Summit is free. However, we do have a Premium Ticket option available, please speak to one of our members of staff to upgrade your ticket option to the premium option and learn what there is to offer.

What is the duration of the event?

The Money Maker Summit starts at 8:30am registration and ends at approximately 6:00pm both days.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes we encourage guests! Please invite someone who wants to learn more about making, managing and multiplying their money.

Is there a minimum age for this event?

We would recommend that this event is most suited to those over the age of 18 years old.